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Yard maintenance is keeping a landscape healthy, clean, safe and attractive, typically in a gardenyardpark, business that have lawns or gardens. Using tools, supplies, knowledge, physical exertion and skills, you may plan or need to carry out annual periodic weeding and fertilizing, other gardeninglawn care, tree pruning, fencing, runoff drainage, and irrigation, and other jobs for protecting and improving the topsoilplants, and garden accessories.


Keeping your gardens clean and tidy can help improve the overall look of your business, not only that it can also make a safer work place by keeping the gardens at a suitable height as to see over the bushes for security reasons, it can help keep any possibility of hazards that may arise from branches and other debris that may come from your garden causing a trip or slip hazard, keeping up with your yard maintenance can also prevent potential hazards from wild life like snakes and spiders.


Allcomclean can provide a range of yard maintenance services to suit your needs. We will work with you in providing you with a work schedule to help you keep track and help provide you with a suggested period of up keep to maintain your gardens/ lawns.

  • Mowing and edging

  • Fertilizing

  • Weed pulling or killing

  • Bug and/or disease treatment

  • Lawn aeration or de-thatching

  • Irrigation system maintenance and repair

  • Trimming of shrubs or hedges

  • Planting or reseeding

  • Mulching

  • Clean-up and hauling

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