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At Allcomclean we are offer a flexible cleaning schedule to meet your individual needs. We can work with you to maintain highly exposed windows on a regular basis. We can provide services to all your indoor and outdoor areas.

  • Spray Bottles

Spray bottles are used to apply the window cleaning chemical on the window to moisten and loosen any dirt or marks.

  • Washer

Washer tools are used to Spread the chemical over the window and to help remove any tough marks. Some sleeves have abrasive pads, some are microfibre, and some are general cotton. We generally use a cotton sleeve.

  • Squeegee

Squeegee tools are used to dry your window, and get that streak free, crystal finish.

  • Towels

Towels are used to dry around all seals and stickers to ensure there is no drip marks, they are also used to dry any spillage made on the floors or window sills, this avoids and slip hazard that may occur during the window cleaning process.

  • Scraper

Scrapers are used to remove any impurities that are caked on the window such as mud or bird droppings. The scraper has a very sharp razor blade that is run along the window and mows through that which needs to be removed. As the razor is flat against the window, it will not scratch the glass.

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