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Lighting fixtures need looking after the same as any other part of your business. Keeping lighting fixtures clean can be hard, considering how often you may not notice it and how much dust collects on a light fixture, but it needs to be done carefully as there is electricity involved.

Cleaning your light fixtures is important to keep them in good working order as well as keeping them looking good within your business. A regular light cleaning service can help identify if there is any faults in the fixtures as we are able to alert you so you can fix any arising problems with your lighting.


We will work closely with our clients to produce a flexible schedule suitable to your needs. With the help of Allcomclean we can identify any broken or problems with any lights that we service, we are able to safely  remove bug and dust from lights, while giving them a wipe over we remove any stains or build up that may have occurred over time, this service is available for both indoors and outdoors.


We can use a ladder or a boom if required to reach the light fittings/ covers,

  • Remove the fitting or cover and dispose of any bugs or debris,

  •  The light fitting/ cover is assessed for any breakage or problems,

  • If fitting is in tacked with, no issues we will thoroughly wipe over the light fitting ensuring that all dust, grime and bugs are removed,

  • The fitting/ covers are safely placed back on.

If we have found any issues with the fitting/cover we will then report it to appropriate personnel.

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