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At Allcomclean all staff are to be customer service focused, with emphasis on flexibility and communication. This assists in developing and maintaining positive working relationships across the life of the service agreement.


All staff are required to wear Allcomclean uniforms at all times when performing a task on any Allcomclean job sites. These can be supplied with a uniform deposit on complete assessment.

All employees are expected to assist in ensuring that the health and safety management system operates effectively.

  • use safe work practices and procedures;

  • use appropriate safety devices, safeguards and equipment provided in the interests of health, safety and welfare of Allcomclean employees;

  • co-operate in all activities aimed at prevention of workplace accidents, injuries and illnesses;

  • report unsafe or defective equipment and work arrangements to the health and safety representative or his/her deputy;

  • report all accidents, injuries and illnesses occurring in the workplace or occurring whilst travelling to or from the workplace to the health and safety representative or his/her deputy;

  • where an incident or a near-miss has occurred, the employee will immediately complete an incident report;

  • where an injury has occurred, the employee will complete, as soon as possible, a workplace injury and disease recording form; and

  • Attend occupational health and safety training courses as such courses become available.


As stated in the Allcomclean's General Agreement Form. You will be required to:

  • Provide your current ABN

  • Supply all equipment and supplies required to complete jobs

  • Provide a weekly Tax Invoice to Allcomclean. We can provide a template for your Tax Invoice

  • Adhere to Allcomclean policies and procedures

  • Adhere to all relevant Legislation and Regulations as applicable

  • Supervise any and all staff you engage to complete tasks and to specification set down by Allcomclean

  • Provide evidence of White Card as a minimum requirement and any other license requirement as dictate by the specification document

  • Provide evidence of Public Liability Insurance that is current and Accident Insurance Coverage.

  • All PPE must be worn in accordance to works being performed and you must comply with any signage on specific job sites eg. Gloves, Eye protection, Steal toe boots


You provide all equipment as deemed appropriate by Allcomclean as required by your individual work schedules.


You provide all chemicals as deemed appropriate by Allcomclean as required by your individual work schedules.


It is a requirement by Allcomclean as a safety precaution to yourself that you MUST secure yourself inside premises while performing works in a Allcomclean site. This means locking the door behind you before commencing any work. It may be a requirement by our client that you do a site specific induction provided by our clients. We expect that you will comply with all Allcomclean and client rules and regulations in regards to Site Safety and Security.


There is to be no smoking on any Allcomclean work sites.


It is required and expected at all Allcomclean staff are presented in a polite, courteous and professional manner whilst operating under Allcomclean. You are required to relay any communication/ issues and inquiries to Allcomclean.


Whilst under the operation any Allcomclean vehicles you are required and excepted to comply with all road rules and regulations.


You agree you adhere to and uphold all of Allcomclean's policies and procedures as provided.




Site Security



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