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Allcomclean is very flexible and is able to provide a quality Builders Cleaning Service. We provide a wide range of builders cleaning services; it can be as little as a simple window clean or as large as a whole building clean on a large scale project.

  • The site will be cleaned and cleared of building debris; this means no building materials left laying around except by previous arrangement with the owner and builder. Rubbish is to be taken away and an overall tidy up of debris

  • Floors, including carpet, hard wood, laminate and all tiles including wet areas are vacuumed, scrubbed and mopped, with marks such as paint, builders’ concrete filling and spilt grout will be removed as much as possible

  • Shelves and surfaces are wiped over and free of dust and debris or marks. This includes wiping out cupboards, wiping over the bathroom and laundry cabinets

  • Sinks fittings and fixtures will be wiped over and cleared of any debris

  • All stainless steel will be polished

  • All walls will be wiped over; this ensures that they are free of any dust and debris.

  • Fans and light fittings are wiped over

  • Windows, mirrors and glass doors will be cleaned; this includes a vacuum out of the window and door tracks

  • In some cases in a new build requires an extra clean for touch ups, if the clean is performed a few days before hand over as residual dust may settle during that time

All builders have specific requirements; Allcomclean is flexible with how work is performed to ensure a desired clean.


All staff hold their white cards and are inducted within Allcomclean and on site to ensure everybody performs and works within WHS standards. Staff that are required to use machinery hold their relevant tickets/ licenses to operate such machinery. 

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