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Carpet cleaning can improve the appearance of your business and extend the life of your carpet, but perhaps the most valuable benefit from the process is improving you and the look and health of your business and staff. 

  • Full Truck Mounted  and Portable Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning)

  • Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning (very low moisture clean)

  • Chemical Dry Carpet Cleaning

  • Tile and Grout Clean

  • Industrial Cleaning Treatment

  • Flood  and Water Damage Treatment

  • Treatment / Clean of Carpet after waste water contamination


We use a fully truck mounted hot water extraction system. it generates it own heat, removing the need to drain the onsite hot water system and can reach up temperatures of 85˚ ͨ, this helps to kill most bacteria.


We can also use portable hot water extractors, allowing us to provide services to areas that restrict the use of the truck mount, this allows us to provide services in high rise buildings and restricted access where the truck mount can not reach, and these can use onsite hot water or portable water heating system.


The main difference between steam cleaning and encap cleaning is in the crystal polymers found in encapsulation chemicals. These polymers in this detergent mixture are like the "second wave" in an army attack.


After the detergents have done their work (attacking, separating soils from fibers, etc.) the crystallizing polymers surround or encapsulate the detergent in solution and the soils that are now suspended or emulsified. As the entire mixture dries, the encapsulation polymers dry to a crystal. This crystal is not sticky; instead, it allows easy removal with subsequent vacuuming.


This is done with Hi-Tech equipment which utilises superheated steam. Combined with special cleaning agents, this superheated steam has the capacity to loosen and “blow out” particles of grime from tile surfaces and grout. The grime is then extracted with a specialised tool leaving your tiled surfaces looking fresher than you could ever imagine.

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Cleaning means no mess, no worries and guarantees that all surfaces will be restored to the highest standard available in the industry.


This is a combined process of Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning and Hot Water Extraction, allowing a very deep scrub to loosen deep dirt and grime removing stubborn soiling that has built up over time, essentially resulting in restoration of our carpets.

Our Flood Restoration team is on call 24/ 7 that Flood Restoration can begin immediately to minimize the impact on your home or business. At Allcomclean we use a very effective 5 stage system for dealing with water damage.

  1. All water is extracted using high suction intake extraction machines.

  2. Carpets are than cleaned using specialized products and rinsed.

  3. An anti-browning treatment is applied to prevent any brown water stains appearing on the carpet.

  4. Our unique mould treatment is applied to prevent any mould from growing underneath the carpet.

  5. The carpet is then sanitised and deodorised using our unique odor absorber which not only covers the odor but attacks and eliminates the source of the odor.

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